Saturday, September 17, 2011

The other day was really nice out. Plus I was gaining my strength back, and the outdoors kept calling me. It's really annoying for something to keep calling your name over and over again. What's a girl going to do?

Mostly ignore it. But the outdoors was to handsome the other day for me to resist. It was sunny, low humidity, and wasn't trying to kill its next innocent victim with heat.

I don't appreciate that.

Anywayz, off I went to take some "photographs." It was fun, and humiliating at them same time. My baby brother is quite talented in taking photos. I tried to imitate him, but failed. All the macros, flash, and whatever setting I could get working didn't let my photographs come close to his. Unfortunately that means I have to take more photos, but oh well. I'll just do it when the outdoors starts calling my name again.

I love my pink Mexican Petunia's. The purple cousin of it WILL take over the designated area it's planted in. This one grows into a elegant bush. It's not as thick and luscious as its purple cousin, but having not to pull out a ridiculous amount to stop it from killing your other plants makes it perfect.

The awe inspiring pineapple.  Even more inspiring is that snake’s call home where it resides. Sigh... Now I can't wait till it gets cooler so I won’t have to run around the yard anymore.
An American Beauty Berry. I hear it can be expensive for some unbeknownst reason. Kind of weird with all of those seeds, huh? Anyway, while searching the all knowing world wide web, I found out it's an insect repellant. Great excuse to use with someone who wants to keep cutting them down. Plus according to Wikipedia, they may be edible. Um, I'll just pass on that pone. Don't want to get sick or turn violet for that matter..   

 SO I have three wonderful pics, and what to do with them all? Why use them for some scripts I found randomly the other day. Oh to Joy.

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