Twenty Pounds of Water Weight. Twenty Pound of Confidence.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I have learned that life can be sweet, cruel, weird, funny, charming, and downright mean. One must deal with the cards given, or one may not be around to get the other deal. I have learned to try to look at the positive of everything. Sometimes things get so tough, so challenging, I question it. It hurts, but I learned to keep going no matter what. This has helped me tremendously, and I am glad that I have learned this life lesson now instead of later on in my years. Sometimes it feels like I shouldn’t have to learn all this, but if I don’t I will be a weaker person in the end. You either let you grow stronger, or it could drag you down. 

Recently I went through this challenge, a life learning thing again. I had an reaction to a medication, so bad I could not walk. To depend on others just for basic necessities was a wakeup call to think about my later years in life. I  have decided to refuse to use an electric wheel chair later on in my years. I need to walk, I need my freedom, I need my independence, I will have my happiness. 

The next day I received medication to help relieve the swelling, and sweet relief was given. I could move on my own, and I was so grateful to God for this. If I had gotten medication for all the other times this has happened, my life would have been different, but I cannot say better. Life is not a straight life. There are many curves, hills, paths, and diversions. With this being said, I know I will be in a better place in years to come. 

I go to the doctor, and they weigh me. Still had a healthy weight, but I went a week later, and gained eight pounds. No big deal. It’s just water weight, it will go away easy. Unfortunately I am still on this medication, I am still gaining the water weight. It can be uncomfortable, but for some reason I am so much happier. I wear my hair down, sunglasses up, confidence striving. People treat me with respect with extra weight, than before with me in a ponytail. Is it the way I hold myself? Do I fit societal norms better concerning beauty? Who knows, who cares, I will never look at life the same. I may have gained twenty pounds of water, but I gained twenty pounds of confidence, twenty pounds of happiness, and another twenty pounds of faith. It is so worth going through this. One February 3, 2013, Super Bowl Sunday, I feel like my life has started over just thinking of this. If feels like I got a new start, a new path. It is worth going through all of this, just to get to this point in life. Gaining weight and everything is else to feel great about one self.


Anonymous said...

You are with God, my dear Stephanie

Cross Anchor said...

We love you Stephanie,
Mom,Dad and brother

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